Your Roof Raising Experts

Growing businesses often find that they have outgrown their current facility.  You may need additional room for the large press that you just purchased, or maybe you are looking for more storage space.  Industrial Roof Raising specializes in increasing a building’s functional space, without the need to increase the footprint of your structure.


Why Raise a Roof?


If new equipment or processes are limited by the existing height of your building, raising your roof may provide an economical solution.  Our unique roof raising method may be right for you:


  • It allows for larger and more modern equipment in buildings with inadequate ceiling heights.
  • Allows for increased storage.
  • You can remain at your location while construction is in progress – our process has a minimal impact on your operations.
  • Increases building value.
  • Faster than other construction projects that require demolishing and expanding parts of the building.


Other Benefits


Not only is roof raising economical, it is also an environmentally friendly way of modernizing your facility.  The resources that are saved by raising your roof instead of building a new addition mean less waste and lower project costs.


  • The, floor, support structures, insulation materials, etc. are re-used– Instead of demolishing and rebuilding, recycling materials saves time and money.
  • The existing roof, electrical, heating, air conditioning, and sprinkler systems are preserved.